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Pre-Press Services

Pre-Press Services

Whether you need to design a job from its inception or you require prepress services of your files, Carey Digital is able to offer you the correct solution. Carey can help develop your design ideas to create a final printed product or we can just add the finishing touches to your files before they are printed.

Carey Digital was the first to bring Digital Repurposing and Scanning to the Cincinnati area, and our reputation in the field of digital imagery has continued to build since then. Our Imaging Specialists bring a wide body of knowledge and experience to our clients projects. Whether it be technical or creative, we get it done right.

Our electronic prepress department, utilizes state of the art technology in image retouching, page assembly, proofing, digital file output and scanning. 
Each file submitted is preflighted to be certain that it will image properly. If we find any problems with your files, our Customer Service team will contact you immediately, explain the problem and will work with you to resolve any issues.



Carey Digital’s expertise and unrivaled attention to detail ensures that every element of your job – cropmarks, bleeds, folds, tabs, etc. – is in perfect order, to output and assemble with no surprises. Our prepress services can produce pages designed to suit your preferred output media. From PDF and print, to CTP and film, our prepress services can meet your needs, reducing time to print.

Your job can easily be prepared for press by imposing pages according to your printer’s specifications. 
Whether your printer requests PDF, Screened TIFF, Unscreened TIFF, EPS, GRS, Postscript, native application, trapped or untrapped, we can supply a wide range of files to them. 
We work with the latest hardware and software to keep a consistent and efficient workflow.  We use the RIP once, output many approach, that keeps files in a closed loop system.

Image Manipulation

Photographs don’t always tell a clear story and often they benefit from additional skilled digital manipulation. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got and getting the best from your photos is an area in which Carey Digital excels. When it comes to digital color correction and retouching work, the image-critical fields of food, cosmetics and clothing are most demanding. Yet these are the areas in which Carey has established an unrivaled reputation for excellence.

Do you have a red hat that needs to be green, or a tree in a picture that you want removed? We can take care of any retouching needs, whether it be some dirt or scratches that need to be removed from a single image or 500 images that need specific, professional manipulation done to them. 
Our retouching department can save you money by retouching images that would normally need to go back to the photographer for a reshoot. 
We specialize in large retouching projects by keeping them organized and running efficiently.


Carey Digital has a line of digital proofing products including the high-end Fuji FinalProof, Epson Proofing as well as electronic proofs sent via email to you or your client.

All of our proofing output devices are calibrated to industry standards such as SWOP and GRACoL, providing you with accurate color and the confidence that your job will go to press problem-free.  Proofing curves can also be customized for your specific printer.

Fuji FinalProof

Digital proofs that provide an accurate representation of the dot structure, trapping and color reproduction you should expect from your final printed sheet whether your printer is using CTP or film. 
The Final Proof can deliver AM and FM screening enabling us to accurately proof your traditional or stochastically screened print jobs. 
Depending on your needs, we can include a folding dylux with every proof and/or produce your proofs on a variety of stocks.

Epson Proofs

Epson proofs are especially useful for CMYK images, such as photographs, but are less accurate for illustrations, solids and specific Pantone¨ colors. 
Epson proofs are an economical proof, but not considered to be a color critical proof. With jobs that require an essential color match, a FujiProof should be requested. Carey Digital does not guarantee that Epson proofs will match your press sheet but they are an approximation.

PDF Proofs

PDFs are becoming the industry standard for file transfer and are viewable on your computer monitor, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open them. Color fidelity of PDF files is affected by monitor calibration, lighting and the use of Pantone colors (Pantone colors do not always appear as true on your screen and may not be the color that appears in print). PDFs provide a reasonable means for checking the accuracy of your files for print. If color accuracy is imperative for your project, please select a hard copy proof such as the Epson or Fuji proofs.

Wide Format

Carey Digital offers commercial quality, wide format printing for indoor or outdoor display signage up to 72 inches by whatever length is needed. Using 6 color, archival inks, Carey will transform your digital files and fine art into a wide variety of high quality, color-accurate large format prints.


Materials List

  • Photobase
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss
  • Banner vinyl
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Backlit
  • Acid free fine art watercolor
  • Matte and satin canvas
  • Cotton twill
  • Static Cling
  • Asphalt Graphics
  • Brick Art
  • Contact us for other available material
Standard Laminating

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Contact us for other available laminate products

Standard Mounting

  • Gatorboard
  • FomeCor
  • Sintra
  • Contact us for other available mounting material

  • Outlining
  • Color Correction
  • Blemish Removal
  • Color Restoration
  • Add Background
  • Eliminate Background
  • Photo Montage
  • Special Effects
Specialties List

  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Research Posters
  • Retail Store Displays
  • Meeting and Event Signage
  • Trial Exhibits
  • Art Reproductions
  • Custom Standees
  • Enlarge Photographs
  • Sales Presentations
  • Floor Displays

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Pre-Press Services

Image manipulation and editing, file preparation and formatting. We can help get the job set up right.

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